Trish Miller Music

Trish Miller, Singer/Songwriter

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I started writing music while in high school. In college, I sang folk music in coffee shops and restaurants. It was when I had children that I found my true passion: music for the young child!  I loved to communicate with my new baby through soft humming and joyful singing.  She responded with happy feet and bright eyes!  As she grew - so did the music expressions:  we were communicating through little nursery rhymes and homemade songs. I wrote a song for every activity we did together! Learning with rhyme made it easy for her to remember things!  Songs made transitions less jarring and pleasant. Music and childhood were perfect partners.  Before long, I had 2 more children and new songs came:   songs about "washing your hands" and "Trains". 

When they were in school, I started my music program for preschoolers. With guitar in hand, I taught ABC's, 123's, and Do, Re, Mi's with instruments, puppets, books and  lots of participation! Music was the perfect platform to reinforce the weekly curriculum. It appeals to all kinds of learners and stimulates creativity and imagination!

I perform family concerts in the Raleigh area. Besides myself, I perform as "Mother Goose" and "Mrs. Claus" among other lovable characters. Check out my newest CD Hello Yellow - available on my website.

Call: 919-889-2876.